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About Digital Flex Solutions

Our Project and Service approach


We help our clients grow their revenue by using the right technology and skills and human resource that is at an effective economic cost and digital technology that delivers maximum value.


We develop process capability around our projects and client’s needs so the required results can be repeated.


We prioritise solutions to the problems our clients face to optimise return on technology and digital investments.


Our services cover the complete life cycle of a project from ground zero set up from scratch to support and maintenance and continual improvements, which includes migrations and upgrades.


We deliver our capabilities as a managed services, which allows continual improvement – optimal for risk and cost control as well as value improvements to get and keep a commercial advantage for our clients.

The Result

Our clients get better results faster, save time, and avoid the fuss or the frustration of dealing with a supplier that does not understand their business or work efficiently.




How we see value

Types of Value Improvement projects we target


  • 1 Value Protection – identifying technology, process and data asset protection
    • Easier projects to locate with facts from existing data and information.
    • Example – Value Protection that aides client and revenue retention leading to Life Time Value


  • 2 Value Enhancement  – identifying technology, process and data asset enhancement
    • Not as easy to identify as 1 above as not all facts to support change are readily available but typically can yield new revenue from existing clients
    • Example – Value enhancements that allow upgrades, referrals or turning existing clients into promoters


  • 3 Value Creation & Innovation –  identifying technology, process and data asset 
    • This is the most complex area requiring structured and details analysis and innovation and can lead to new clients, new revenue accelerated revenue scale and velocity and above all a commercial advantage.
    • Example – Creating new value that delivers new clients , new revenue


The key reasons for embarking on and justifying any Technology / Digital project:


  • Reduce or remove Cost
  • Reduce or remove Risk
  • Increase existing Revenue scale and or Speed
  • Create new Revenue
  • Implementing Process Capability 
  • Create a commercial Advantage over your competitors


Value stream items we focus on


  • BVA = Business value Add
  • VA = Customer value Add
  • NVA = Non value Add
  • SVA = Supplier Value Add
  • CTQ = Critical to Quality – key reason why you buy the service or product


The 4 Customer Stakeholders we focus on

  1. The customer (1st customer)
  2. The staff  (2nd customer)
  3. The business (3rd customer)
  4. Third party suppliers (4th customer)


  1. Some business will have complete self sufficiency so there are only 3 stakeholders

Our Services

CMS Services

Full life cycle: new website to upgrades, migrations, replacement themes, plugins, integrations and new development

Ecommerce Services

Full life cycle: new website to upgrades, migrations, replacement themes, plugins, integrations and new development

SEO Services

On page analysis and improvements, keyword analysis and improvements, competitor analysis and improvements, off page analysis and improvements, google analytics set up, Metrics Yandex set up

Email & Newsletters

Mailchimp set up and integration with your website, Integration with Zapier, Google analytics, Campaign set up

Unbounce inbound & A/B testing

Setting of A/B testing new designs and support PPC campaigns

Zapier Integration

Helping you integrate your applications with Zapier