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  • Account details
  • Complaint and cancellation management
  • Payments via chat
  • Product support
  • Nearest branch
  • Account details
  • Nearest branch/ATM machine
  • Overdraft use and fees
  • Peer to peer payments
  • Investment information
  • Produce-service wizard
  • Notifications about new deals/prices
  • Product sales
  • Agent-store locator
  • Claims management
  • Quote automation and follow up
  • Request assistant
  • Right product based on the user profile
  • Incident report
  • Product or service information
  • Complaint management
  • Product discounts
  • Nearest store
  • Order tracker
  • Digital coupon delivery
  • Returns management
  • Account details
  • Health history wizard
  • Make or change an appointment with the nurse or doctor
  • Personal training notifications
  • Prescription and appointment reminders
  • Account questions
  • Manage and pay a bill
  • Service outage alerts and updates
  • Digital meter information / reading submission
  • Saving and safety tips during winter months
  • Complaint and cancellation management
  • Account details
  • Track a package
  • Get a shipping quote
  • Schedule pickup
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Find locations for drop off or pick up
  • Log a claim for lost goods/ settle a claim for lost or damaged goos
  • Receive proof of delivery
  • Request support
  • Account questions
  • Product or service infromation questions
  • Change Subscriptions
  • Arrange an appointment
  • News and alerts
  • support requests
  • Complaints and cancellations management
  • Buy merchandise
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Account questions
  • Book a meeting room or a table or taxi
  • Order additional services
  • Hotel directory  and location information
  • Promote special offers
  • Buy a gift voucher

What are the roles of the bot? You will notice that they can actually support almost any customer journey.

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AI Chatbots can engage and nudge a prospective or existing client through the marketing stage  and be available beyond existing resource capacity and or timezones

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AI Chat bots can perform sales functions allow existing resource contraints to be managed and or new service or product launches to be managed

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AI Chat bots can be used to field account questions and allow for escalation rules to be set up.

Product or Service Delivery

Using AI Chat bots to aide with product or service delivery can help  customer excess demand or enhance your service standards

Support & Maintenance

Allow AI Chat bots to provide essential support and maintenance logging and support frees up valubale human resource skills to focus on more complex issues.

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AI Chat bots can be used to manage warranty registration or claims and allow resoirce spike demand to be easily managed or just provide and enhanced customer service experience

Complaints & Cancellations

The main bot value is conversation flow with user. In the most cases the bot helps to avoid bad thoughts and desire to commit suicide.

Repeat Sales &

AI Chat bots can be used to support and nurture repeat sales allowing for revenue predictibility and protection of existing value

Technologies stack

Messenger bots

Viber Facebook Messenger WhatsApp SMS Telegram

Web bots

React Redux Angular 6 NGXS



Voice bots

Google Home Cortana Amazon Alexa IBM Watson


DialogFlow IBM Watson

Live agent customer support

Intercom InContact Zendesk Jira service desk

Mobile bots

React Native


Node.js Express.js Botkit ChatFuel ManyChat


MySQL MongoDB PostgreSQL AWS Dynamo Cloudant

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