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Why Choose a CMS?

1) A CMS allows content to be controlled by the people who own the content (the content or subject matter experts). This means no more relying on developers to make changes to the web content; subject matter experts can add content without needing to know HTML or any code. This saves money and time.

2) Content can be added to the site much more quickly and efficiently. Nothing is worse than time-sensitive information not getting posted in time because the request to update the site is stuck in a development queue.

3) Keeping content controlled by the content authors frees up the developers’ time to focus on other things like the design of the front end of the website or implementation of new features and functionality.

4) A CMS allows you to distribute content authoring duties to different people or departments within your organization. Many also allow you to set up workflows, approval chains, and permissions. This helps to make sure that content doesn’t appear on the website unless it has been fully approved.

5) Workflows are built in as part of most enterprise CMS platforms. This gives people the ability to view, share, and approve drafts of content without needing to resort to marked up printouts, sticky notes, and emails. Content can be previewed from within the software.

6) A CMS can work in parallel with design efforts to force visual consistency across sections of the site. By putting style rules in place, you can make sure that things such as font sizes and colors are used universally, without regard to how many content authors you have. This keeps things looking professional and helps maintain brand unity.

7) A CMS provides a wide range of functionality by default, functionality that would normally cost money to build from scratch.

8) Most CMS software is web based, which means that you can access and edit your site from any computer with an internet connection. No specific software needs to be installed.

9) Many enterprise CMS platforms can securely protect your data and information about your users or members. In addition, they allow you to set rules which make sure that content editors fill in all the necessary information on pages in order to meet accessibility requirements, such as Section 508 Accessibility Standards.

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CMS Solutions for websites

The main CMS solutions we currently support are, WordPress, Joomla, Silver Stripe and Pimcore and depending on your functionality needs and budget each one of these CMS solutions would more than likely meet your needs. We prefer to get the best fit so we would discuss your business and marketing requirements and understand how you think your key stakeholders would ideally obtain information from you based on your business model and pick the right solution for your needs and marketing budget.

CMS or content management solutions enable organisations to manage their online promotional material efficiently and then allow for this material to be maintained and added to at any time.

An essential part of having a CMS like WordPress is getting the expertise to effectively support your website CMS updates, changes and improvements and so we offer a managed service offering as well as adhoc project support for CMS websites like WordPress, Joomla, Silverstrip and Pimcore.

Our managed services are very structured in order to save you time, save you money, provide support and maintenance and continual improvement which allows you to focus your efforts where they are needed and leave us to deliver and support your web promotional strategy

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Services we can provide:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Specification development
  • Data model
  • Integration
  • Prototype
  • Set up for website
  • Support and maintenance
  • Migrate to new hosting services
  • Update and test new plugins
  • Update web builds
  • Update designs
  • Update and replaces themes
  • Add google analytics
  • Integrate with email tools like mailchimp
  • Leverage of the value of zapier
  • Set up Leadboxer
  • Image and SEO on page optimisation
  • Provide continual improvement and support
  • Mailgun set up so your web forms send and receive reliably and email validation
  • Email / web form capture to prevent spam
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Managed Service Packages

We have several managed services options and we can extend these to fit your exact needs.

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