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Technology / Brand: XERO, Hubdoc (SAAS/Cloud based solutions)

Service option

We offer a managed service which means things run smoothly and you don’t need to worry about off time and annual leave at the service can be used to support your existing team or as a stand-alone service:

  • We document your current process and key information to create a standard operating procedure for each financial year and this includes locating all accounts credit cards and overdraft and finance agreements
  • We establish an efficient process and we stick with it.
  • Our team can provide and maintain Cash Flow Forecast and Financial analysis services including Virtual Financial Officer
  • Backups are maintained via various cloud integration options from Dropbox, Box to Citrix Fileshare (Xero and accounting data maintained in the cloud)
  • We maintain an updated record of any repeating transactions going in or out of the bank account
  • We help get any bank data feeds connected to Xero to speed up bank data imports
  • Your bills and receipts are scanned to PDF or if already in PDF drag and dropped or emailed to Hubdoc where are accounting experts do the rest.
  • Hubdoc has a great function for adding an app to a mobile phone where receipts can be scanned at uploaded efficiently
  • You define your problems and deadlines we validate and create visual evidence that is then used as the basis of effective decision making and priority of improvements
  • We take care of the project and ongoing project life cycle and continual improvement
  • We look at effective metrics / KPIs that can be established across the customer journey that enables value improvements.
  • We agree monthly budgets for managed services for agree team skills and monthly hrs quota
  • The standard contract can be cancelled with one month notice otherwise contract renews monthly
  • Weekly or monthly reporting based on business objectives and requirements
  • Min monthly managed service cost £1,000
  • Delivery cycles 7 days
  • We use project life cycle approach with Pareto to prioritise value improvements