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COVID-19 E-commerce, Cloud Accounting & Support Resilience Service

For many organisations, risk control measures in response to COVID-19 mean staff self-isolating and working remotely. You may be facing the need to change the way you work by using cloud-based solutions and automations. If you are not currently leveraging the value of the right cloud solutions, now is the time to access the value that cloud solutions can deliver.

We have developed our E-commerce & Cloud Accounting Support Resilience Service to help you mitigate the disruption and constraints on your business and to enable you to carry out your normal day-to-day functions via cloud-based solutions. We have already completed many projects that allow organisations to move to the cloud and access the flexibility and benefits that come with this change, so if you are looking to take advantage of the value of cloud-based solutions and automations please get in contact.

1. Set up e-commerce shop and payment gateways.

2. Set up Xero (migrate from Sage desktop versions if required).

3. Automate web orders in Xero (new clients, invoices, payment of invoices and repeat customers’ invoices).

4. Business intelligence for your company.

5. Conversion to paperless bookkeeping workflow.

6. Outsource your bookkeeping based on monthly hours required.