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The Benefit of a digital marketing manager

Your digital business footprint represents a source of relevant information about your organisation that feeds a variety of stakeholders. As your organisation grows the digital marketing role and outcomes become more critical and take active responsibility for maintaining supporting new sales and effective stakeholder management.

Typical stakeholders

  • Your existing customers
  • Allow efficient cross-selling to existing clients
  • Prospective customers
  • To allow your marketing strategy to be implemented and successful
  • To support a successful sales strategy and revenue objectives
  • To enable your HR dept to communicate new jobs and vacancies
  • To enable suppliers to find the information they may need efficiently
  • For existing and future employees to understand and be updated with what the organisation does.
  • Google and other search engines require optimised content for effective search engine indexing.

For any company, it is critical that the digital promotional efforts be effective and sustainable and linked closely to the organisational objectives. However creating your digital marketing team is not without its challenges from establishing a budget, to hiring the right staff skills, staff retention, holiday, sick leave and maternity and paternity leave can often be limiting factors.

In addition to cost and risks, a mature, effective and continually improving digital marketing life cycle will also need other components to be successful. For example a project management solution to manage tasks, resource and deadlines, the right SEO tools, designers or even video or photography services.

The final ingredients to effective digital marketing are process, methodology and effective measuring of outcomes and KPIs to monitor the need to change or corrective action.

How much does digital marketing cost

Marketing investment needs to be realistic if it is to be successful. To help establish a marketing budget, its a helpful start by separating marketing budgets for existing turnover/customer maintenance and new sales objectives which are typically more expensive.  Then the kind of % to sales are 2% for support existing sales and 7% for target new sales, but the figures can increase depending on the nature of your business, its maturity and existing capabilities and the business sector you are in.

How we help

  • We create stability, we take control, and we build momentum and accept responsibility
  • We look after all the website maintenance and support
  • We analysis and fix any immediate issues, and this can include any key updates you require
  • Our web work is supported by a 12-month warranty which continues after 12 months while you are under our managed service
  • Contracts are month to month although we suggest longer periods where we have a team working on your business needs
  • We look after all the web and SEO aspects ( images and content and business objectives provided by you although we can arrange for images, video drone footage copywriting if required)

How we work

  • We baseline your current digital marketing maturity and state and locate all key issues and improvements required and implement the fixes – within 14 days
  • We get a  clear brief of your business objectives and together with the gap analysis development the digital marketing improvement plan
  • We locate 3 competitors that we know are competing with you in the search engines and we complete gap analysis between your website and these competitors
  • We obtain 3 competitors from you and repeat the gap analysis and benchmarking process
  • We then create a plan for ongoing improvement which we monitor
  • We develop a set of success KPIs that allow performance to be monitored and any corrective action taken
  • We provide a blended team of skills
  • Websites and material is backed up daily

What you get

All the skills and capabilities of a complete digital marketing team for less than the cost of a full-time employee that will have only a small section of our team skills and capabilities.

We deliver digital marketing services that provide immediate, measurable value (solve issues and add improvements). We get control and build momentum and apply continual improvements to stay ahead of the competition and meet the business objectives.

We have a very effective set of processes and methodology, supported by KPIs all of which are used by our skilful team to deliver value quickly.

Our services allow us to deliver value day one within the first few hrs of engagement and with the minimal distraction of your management team other than critical dependencies and insights that only you could know.

This allows us to deliver value day one if the first few hrs of engagement.

Process, Methodology and KPIs to Support Success

Our digital marketing service is designed to meet our clients’ challenges and steer an efficient path through to achieve the business objectives. The critical aspects of our service are our staff, staff skills and capabilities, process and methodology, KPIs and tools we use to measure, monitor and report on current state, postfix state and triggers for corrective action.

What we bring to the table is a “hit the ground running” ability which saves time, reduces cost and risk and provides the minimal distraction for your management team.

Example areas covered by our Digital Marketing Manager Service

  • A complete digital and strategic team
  • CMS ( content management) or E-commerce solutions
  • SEO Services ( analysis planning and improvement)
  • SMO (analysis planning and improvement)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Lead data development
  • Creating PDF and downloadable brochures
  • Website hosting
  • Name and DNS zone hosting
  • Email services
  • Automated marketing using Mautic
  • Inbound B2B lead identification
  • UX ( user experience) and UI (user interface)  design and analysis services
  • Project management and the right project management tools
  • Process & Methodology
  • Tools for Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Establishing process capability for your digital marketing needs

What costs can you expect

Our Marketing Manager Service starts at £1000 per month, and for this, you get all the tools and digital marketing team skills you need to implement, support, maintain and continually improve the organisation’s online profile.

What’s included

  • A block of resource hrs for a complete digital team (this can be increased to meet growing needs or larger projects)
  • Agreed SLA – responses times to questions, task/change requests and support issues
  • Email (5 standard  email boxes free)
  • Website hosting (our usual hosting  performance can be upgraded at an additional charge)
  • Account/project manager
  • Performance reports
  • Onsite meetings as required (time adjusted from the block of hrs under contract)
  • Extra time can be purchased as needed
  • Development of a marketing plan and document that describes the scope of all digital marketing activities
  • Access to our SEO paid subscription tools
  • Access to other services we offer like photography and drone video creation

Why not book a review and we can give you a quick response and outline of how we can help you.