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Where custom development with speed and performance is essential we can offer 3 frameworks:

Zend Framework
Fully managed
Unlimited support
Unlimited databases

Complete and digital full life cycle services for fast value delivery of PHP framework web projects from digitalflexsolutions

We can prefer working with frameworks PHP for your web application development which we feel reduce risk and speed up value delivery.

We focus on Laravel, Symfony and Zend PHP frameworks and can extend our team to support your projects or where required build a team specifically for your needs either for a one off project or full SLDC needs.

Laravel framework – free – opensource

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller architectural pattern

Symfony framework – free – opensource

Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a set of reusable PHP components/libraries and was published as free software on October 18, 2005 released under the MIT license.

Zend framework – free – opensource

Zend Framework is an open source, object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the New BSD License.

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Services we can provide:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Specification development
  • Data model
  • Integration
  • Prototype
  • Set up for website
  • Support and maintenance
  • Backup and restoration of WordPress sites
  • Migrate to new hosting services
  • Update and test new plugins
  • Update designs
  • Update and replaces themes
  • Add google analytics
  • Integrate with email tools like mailchimp
  • Leverage of the value of zapier integration for efficient integration
  • Set up Leadboxer for B2B sites
  • Image and SEO on page optimisation
  • Provide continual improvement and support
  • Mailgun set up so your web forms send and receive reliably and email validation
  • Email / web form capture to prevent spam

Our preferred frameworks would be Laravel and Symfony but we would be happy to support Zend php framework based work.

We are happy to take on existing projects where either you need additional resource or want a fresh team to managing your development and maintenance work.

We use time tracking tools like Timedoctor and Tempo with JIra and we use JIra and jira service desk and Bitbucket for code repository.

Our focus is quick value delivery and we treat our clients like we would our own investments and suggest an MVP approach (min viable product) and seek stakeholder / voice of customer feedback and then use a pareto approach to keep adding more value until the project is stable and meeting all expectations of the original specification.

How as with any project to main your investment its critical to keep validating the value stream and allows your customer journey to meet their objectives in the most efficient manner and this often will mean on- going and continual improvement.

We develop success metrics at the start of any project and when projects move into a maintenance and continual mode in order to make sure our service is among the best in the eyes of our clients. It’s not just about the project outome, its how we engage and help our clients validate their requirements that’s makes the difference between Digital Flexolutions and other solution and development companies. Developing a solid trust position and reliability we consider critical with our clients and we look to work as a partner sharing and helping deliver your required vision.

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