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Guaranteed improvements

We will guarantee Improvements and ROI (return on investment) on our projects costs subject to:


  • The issues/objectives being faced by the client are actionable by technology investments and improvements in our opinion
  • The issues/objectives can be defined
  • Customers / Consumers are defined and validated
  • The issues/objectives can be measured and validated
  • The ability and means to measure improvement is agreed
  • The outcomes of our improvements are actioned by the client in a timely manner
  • The value of improvements will exceed the project costs in a timeline agreed
  • There are no external or unknown factors that change, which have a direct impact on the original problem or the chosen solution or results
  • The overall project is to be executed in a reasonable time in order that the original analysis and validation remain good and fit for purpose
  • The client agrees to clear project dependencies in a timely manner so as not to delay tasks and project execution and outcomes.