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Mautic – your automated open source marketing solution for smarter marketing and sales success

  • Integration with WordPress and CMS and shopping cart solutions
  • Lead Scoring
  • Automated actions / emails
  • Social media integration
  • SMS and push notifications
  • Reporting for your sales teams
  • Integrations and plugins including CRM solutions like pipedrive

What is mautic and marketing automation?

Mautic is an open source (free) a digital marketing automation solution which includes communication channels such as email, social media , SMS and can tracks all your web user activity and allow lead scoring and automated triggered events such as emails, SMS messages and mobile push notifications. Mautic integrates with your website, CMS or ecommerce solution and extends the intelligence and ability to be more effective with marketing and closing sales and meeting the important sales targets.

Using automated marketing can bring serious marketing muscle to your table and deliver consistent effective marketing and sales results giving you access to 24/7 marketing actions and outcomes.

A key part of Mautic’s value to a business owner is the lead scoring functions, where different interactions by your web users (prospective clients and existing clients) generate a lead scores and as the score builds you can configure Mautic to automatically trigger additional actions and events which move your prospective customer through a life cycle that concludes with a buying action if it’s an ecommerce site or a call to buy services if you are selling services or a lead score which your sales team know to mean a sales opportunity.

Mautic allows segments to be developed for different customer or prospect customer types so you can make your marketing targeting as granular as you need, whether your need is product or service based or geographic based segments for different sales teams.

Mautic has a number fantastic plugins from social media to SMS to Mailchimp to allow just about any use case and customer and prospect journey to be managed and can be extended and integrated further as required. Web page and associated forms can be developed quickly to support new or existing campaigns and all downloads are logged as assets with quick web page registration giving mautic the ability to score the activity.

Our services

  • Setup and configuration
  • Support and maintenance including hosting
  • Plugins and integrations
  • Project based work
  • Tenacity complete digital managed service

Available mautic plugins


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