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Technology / Brand: Integromat, Zapier, NodeRED & Corezoid

Platforms: SAAS with Corezoid cloud platform and IBM cloud services

Every project starts by understanding the current business state, seeking to measure and clearly define the problem and validating before larger time and effort investments are made.

We offer a quick and effective POC ( Proof of Concept) for business improvements 7 to 14 days project time.Typical characteristics of the value of any project is: saving money, reducing risk, creating value or all three.

By using NodeRED or Corzoid allows changes and improvements can be made quickly and we take care of the complete project life cycle with a Developer, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance and Project Management.

Work and improvements are prioritised Pareto style ( locate the first 20% that will produce 80% in improvements) and repeat.

We often incorporate the above technology approach within AI Chatbot solutions as most effective solutions are in reality mapped to the customer journey which means interactions take place with different technology solutions used by the client in each stage of their business processes / Customer Journey


Service options

Managed service option

  • You define your problems and deadlines we validate and create that is then used as the basis of effective decision-making plan and priority of improvements
  • We take care of the project and ongoing project life cycle and continual improvement
  • We look at effective metrics / KPIs that can be established across the customer journey that enables value improvements.
  • We agree monthly budgets for managed services for agree team skills and monthly hrs quota
  • The standard contract can be cancelled with one month notice otherwise contract renews monthly
  • Weekly or monthly reporting based on business objectives and requirements
  • Min monthly manage service cost £1000
  • Delivery cycles 7 days
  • We use project life cycle approach with Pareto to prioritise value improvements

Project based option

SDLC process with project team as above but with a defined budget or problem where we then hand over to the client or extend or there is an option to move to a managed service based on the demonstrated value and client wishing to avoid new technology skill recruitment and retention costs and risks.

  • Min monthly managed service cost £1000 – typically a POC ( proof of value) that then moves to larger project time and value
  • Delivery cycles 7 days

Both options involve project management tools like Jira and time tracking tools being used