How do you know if you need to improve your use of technology within the business or Take a look through the example signs the tech in your business needs help?

Here is a checklist to review against your business - if you have any of these issues - we can help!

  • The need accelerate results / Sales
  • The need to develop a commercial advantage
  • The need to reduce or remove costs
  • The need to reduce  or remove risks
  • The need to automation and scalable value at a controlled or fixed cost
  • Unable to get the required functionality out of the existing technology
  • The need to integrate existing technology you have to get better or faster results or both
  • The need to achieve process capability and therefore predictability ( over marketing, sales, sales retention)
  • The need to provide a better customer experience
  • The need to retain more customers for longer
  • The need to turn customer into promoters
  • The need to improve processes as this is what your customers expects and or competitors are already doing
  • You need better information available to staff/ the business and customers
  • The need for data analytics and KPIs so monitor , control and improve results
  • Your staff complain about lack of speed or functionality gaps or tech is just too complicated to get things done.
  • The need to get predictive analytics and actions like dynamic pricing or stock forecasting or quality assurance
  • The need to improve the way you handle support
  • To extract value from support issues so that your products and service continually improve
  • The need to improve the customer experience
  • Your planning to sell the business
  • Your planning to buy a business
  • Your planning to approach the bank for funding

Our Approach

Value Engineering & Blueprint Value Solutions

Value Protection

Protecting sales and client value

Value Enhancement

Increasing existing client sales

Value Creation

Creating new sales

The areas where we can help

Digital Promotion Services

Design Services

Web & Mobile App Development

ERP solutions

Automation & Integration Services

AI Chatbot

Data Science & Data Engineering

Managed Cloud Bookkeeping

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    Types of project

    Benefits and reasons for targeting new or existing project improvement

    Accelerate results / Sales

    Develop a commercial advantage

    Reduce or remove costs

    Reduce or remove risks

    Automation and scalable value at a controlled or fixed cost

    Achieve Process capability and therefore predictability

    All of the above

    Our typical scope of work

    • Set up & Configure
    • Business analysis / Scope development
    • Technology selection
    • Development
    • Project management
    • Testing & Quality Assurance
    • Implementation
    • Migrations & Integrations
    • Upgrades
    • Change Requests
    • Support & Maintenance
    • Continual Improvement
    • Knowledge Documentation
    • Process development & Process Capability
    • Benchmarking & KPI Development, SOP Creation

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