People List

Technology / Brand: Uipath and Automation anywhere

Value areas we are targeting

  • Enhancing and protecting the customer journey
  • Reduce or remove cost
  • Reduce or remove risk
  • Increase existing revenue scale and or speed
  • Create new revenue
  • Implementing process capability
  • Create a commercial advantage over your competitors

Service options

Managed service option

  • You outline your immediate problems, challenges and deadlines we validate and create visual evidence that is then used as the basis of effective decision making and priority of improvements
  • We take care of the project and ongoing project life cycle and continual improvement
  • We look at effective metrics / KPIs that can be established across the customer journey that enables value improvements
  • We agree monthly budgets for managed services for agree team skills and monthly hrs quota
  • The standard contract can be cancelled with one month notice otherwise contract renews monthly
  • Weekly or monthly reporting based on business objectives and requirements
  • Min monthly managed service cost £2500
  • Delivery cycles 7 / 14 days
  • We use project life cycle approach with Pareto to prioritise value improvements
  • Develop baseline of current state and success metrics for new state objective

Project based option

  • Similar to the above although this has a defined objective and would then either stop on completion and be handed back to the client or if required extended to another or larger project or even moved to a managed service.
  • Minimum project value £5000 typically a POC ( proof of concept) after which detailed scope of agreed
  • Delivery cycles 7 days