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Complete SEO services for fast value delivery of PHP framework web projects from digitalflexsolutions

Our SEO services are intended to allow a setup from zero and or support and continually improve an existing website or ecommerce investment.

With the sheer volume of websites and websites competing with each other for web traffic SEO (or search engine optimisation) is critical if you are to get your web investments off to a good start and keep them well maintained otherwise day by day your website SEO will just degrade and your website will not perform as required.


There are 5 key parts to SEO:

  1. Your website on page health

    1. Your site is error free
    2. Your site is inline with google seo guidelines
    3. Your website is mobile friendly
    4. Your website response rate to speed test is scored highly
  2. Your keywords which map to your products and services and the kind of customer traffic you want
    1. Targeting local traffic
    2. Targeting national traffic
    3. Targeting Global traffic
  3. Competitor analysis
    1. Your main competitors
    2. How their overall seo rating scores compared to your website
  4. Back links
    1. Analysis of what you have
    2. Plan for improvements
  5. PPC – pay per click options to accelerate traffic to your site using
    1. Facebook
    2. Google
    3. Instagram
    4. Linked In
    5. Twitter
    6. Other advertising networks

To achieve your SEO requirements effectively and efficiently requires a structured approach which means analysis, project management, budget development and objective and ROI development using the best paid tools to do the heavy lifting, measuring , monitoring and alerts so when things change for the better or worse corrective or additional action may be taken.

Digital Flex Solutions have developed a managed service which includes subscriptions to some of the key paid SEO tools and also support this with a set up and continual improvement process so your website SEO is supported, monitored and able to be continually improved.

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  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Without effective SEO your website will not get the best return on investment – your sector and competitors are continuously changing and most content management websites end up with errors due to web admin content updates.

Digital flex solutions take care of your seo needs by first getting the baseline of on page SEO then issuing a plan for corrective action.

We can assist with keyword analysis, competitors and off page analysis and provide an effective and efficient framework for continual improvement

All our work is managed through Jira service desk and subject to SLAs agree with our clients.

We have hourly charges and a monthly contract and every clients gets updates and reports covering issues we have found, suggested fixes and results after corrections have been made.

Digitalflex solutions - how we works

Areas covered by our SEO services:

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis

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