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  • Template language: It has a simple and clean template language. There are quite a few pages of readymade templates available on the SilverStripe website. This reduces the need to write even codes for basic backgrounds and thus reduces the time of development. The front end of a website can be updated or developed quickly. This gives developers more time to focus on more advanced level problems.
  • GridField: SilverStripe CMS comes with an embedded piece of code called GridField which is reusable and versatile. GridFields are used to manage data on a website. Two key benefits of GridFields are that they provide a consistent interface for dealing with all the key data of a website and there is far less wastage of time or involvement of money in developing an interface or admin control panel for managing the content of a website.
  • Open source and least intervening licensing policy: SilverStripe comes with modified BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) license which is permissive and imposes the least possible restrictions on sharing of covered software.
  • User-friendly: The level of usability in SilverStripe CMS is very high. The admin panel is not cluttered with too many options and plugins and a user can navigate quite easily. The items in the admin panel are clearly visible without being gaudy and at your face.
  • Extensibility: SilverStripe developers were very thoughtful when they created it. It is highly extensible and its features can be easily extended and incorporated to suit a user’s website. The code is also very adaptive and can be updated and changed easily as needs and goals change.
  • Community support: SilverStripe has a loyal community. There are multiple forums and internet relay chat platforms with members who share various useful knowledge tips about SilverStripe CMS and framework.
  • Documented guidelines: SilverStripe CMS has one of the most well documented and useful guides. There are detailed discussions on APIs in addition to the availability of extensive and discrete guides on the creation of modules and themes. There are also interesting screen-casts.
  • Development teams can be swapped or replaced easily: Since SilverStripe is a well documented CMS with the framework, it is easy for you or your client to swap between teams or replace members in a team. It is relatively easy to understand Framework code and start at a time when the project is already in the development stage.


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Services we can provide:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Specification development
  • Data model
  • Integration
  • Prototype
  • Set up for website
  • Support and maintenance
  • Migrate to new hosting services
  • Update and test new plugins
  • Update web builds
  • Update designs
  • Update and replaces themes
  • Add google analytics
  • Integrate with email tools like mailchimp
  • Leverage of the value of zapier
  • Set up Leadboxer
  • Image and SEO on page optimisation
  • Provide continual improvement and support
  • Mailgun set up so your web forms send and receive reliably and email validation
  • Email / web form capture to prevent spam
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