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Why use SMS in your Customer Journey?

Using SMS service can help add new value or enhance your existing value for your clients customer journey and at the same time:

  • Grow sales via better client engagement and retention
  • Offer additional communication options and avoid data becoming obsolete
  • Better customer experience and hi retention will lead to referrals ( high net promoter score, NPS)
  • Offer improved security options via 2FA

For a website customer getting and SMS message when you buy from a website for the first time builds quick confidence and trust and can also close a gap if the buyer provided an email address that had an error within it ( spelling / typo). Getting the client mobile number means SMS functions can be used to enhance the experience or be used as additional form of outreach or reminder communication.

Some examples of where SMS can add value to you and your customers

  1. Encourages client to add their mobile number
  2. Allows your organisation to add mobile SMS communication into the buying  and update experience
  3. Can allow special offers to be communicated/automated via SMS as well as email communication
  4. Reminders when key appointments are near so they are not forgotten and missed
  5. Used as an update to support issues
  6. To confirm item shipping or shipped status
  7. Support status updates
  8. Ability to reset passwords
  9. Ability to incorporate 2-factor authentication ( 2FA)

Services we can provide

  • Set up of your Twilio account
  • Buying numbers for SMS use
  • Setting SMS logic and automation for your shopping cart or CRM system
  • Setting up SMS automation with your Shopping cart or CRM or another database
  • Normalising of mobile number and validation for country and mobile or landline validation

How we work

  • We baseline your current digital marketing maturity and state and locate all key issues and improvements required and implement the fixes – within 14 days
  • We get a  clear brief of your business objectives and together with the gap analysis development the digital marketing improvement plan
  • We locate 3 competitors that we know are competing with you in the search engines and we complete gap analysis between your website and these competitors
  • We obtain 3 competitors from you and repeat the gap analysis and benchmarking process
  • We then create a plan for ongoing improvements which we monitor and measure
  • We develop a set of success KPIs that allow performance to be monitored and any corrective action taken
  • We provide a blended team of skills

What you get

All the skills and capabilities of a complete digital marketing team for less than the cost of a full-time employee that will have only a small section of our team skills and capabilities.

We deliver digital marketing services that provide immediate, measurable value (solve issues and add improvements). We get control and build momentum and apply continual improvements to stay ahead of the competition and meet the business objectives.

We have a very effective set of processes and methodology, supported by KPIs all of which are used by our skilful team to deliver value quickly.

Our services allow us to deliver value day one within the first few hrs of engagement and with the minimal distraction of your management team other than critical dependencies and insights that only you could know.

This allows us to deliver value day one if the first few hrs of engagement.

Process, Methodology and KPIs to Support Success

Our digital marketing service is designed to meet our clients’ challenges and steer an efficient path through to achieve the business objectives. The critical aspects of our service are our staff, staff skills and capabilities, process and methodology, KPIs and tools we use to measure, monitor and report on current state, postfix state and triggers for corrective action.

What we bring to the table is a “hit the ground running” ability which saves time, reduces cost and risk and provides the minimal distraction for your management team.

What costs can you expect

Our minimum Service starts at £1000 per month, and for this, you get all the tools and digital marketing team skills you need to implement, support, maintain and continually improve the organisation’s online profile.

What’s included

  • A block of resource hrs for a complete digital team (this can be increased to meet growing needs or larger projects)
  • Agreed SLA – responses times to questions, task/change requests and support issues
  • Account/project manager
  • Performance reports
  • Onsite / web  meetings as required (time adjusted from the block of hrs under contract)
  • Extra time can be purchased as needed
  • Development of a marketing plan and document that describes the scope of all digital marketing activities

Buy our services

  • Buy set up
  • Buy monthly SMS managed services

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