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Complete and digital full life cycle services for fast value delivery of Unbounce landing page web projects from digitalflexsolutions

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Landing page or inbound marketing is a critical part of your web marketing strategy for keeping web visitors on your site and converting the traffic to inquiry stage or sale, particularly when investing in PPC ( pay per click) advertising where costs can be significant and analysis and improvements need to be made regularly to optimise costs and ROI.

Why we use unbounce – Unbounce allows us to deliver quick value through speed of landing page creation or use of existing templates that can be quickly amended.

Another key value stream item from Unbounce is the ability to create variants ( or A/B test) which can then be subject to test and analysis so the optimised design for a page layout can be established, tested and implemented.

Unbounce comes with many free templates and many more templates area available from other online providers which means getting ideas and test projects in place can be very efficiently achieved.

Digitalflexsolutions provide a managed service for unbounce and landing page requirements as this is all backed by SLAs and analysis and continual improvement. We also integrate Unbounce with WordPress, Analytics and many more

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Services we can offer

  • Setup and configuration
  • Setting up A/B tests
  • Building or adapting templates
  • Integration with compatible applications like mailchimp
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